Artwork Specifications

E-Z UP Artwork Requirements for Graphic Silkscreen and Digital Imprint

In order to provide your custom graphic order in a timely manner and keep additional artwork charges to a minimum, the guidelines listed below should be followed.

  • All fonts need to be converted to outline – (in order to avoid any defaulted text).
  • All art intended for silkscreen needs to be vector.
  • Silkscreen production should use solid pantone coated colors only.
  • We cannot print the following Pantone colors in any way: PMS 801 – PMS 814.
  • We cannot digitally print Metallic Pantone colors.
  • Digital artwork will be output as CMYK. However, any colors that need to match specific color need to be called out as a Pantone solid coated number.
  • Raster images and effects will be printed in CMYK.
  • Remove any overprint or transparency effects.
  • RGB-colored art needs to be converted to CMYK prior to submission.
  • All linked files need to be embedded.
  • Digitally printed fabric colors may not exactly match dyed fabric colors.
  • Half-toned colors will be output at 20 LPI (lines per inch for silkscreen production).
  • For digital printing, black colors need to be changed to the CMYK value 0,0,0,100
  • All graphics are subject to review and approval before production.
  • Artwork should be sharp, clean and smooth and free of jagged lines/shapes.
  • Elaborate artwork may require additional cleanup charges.
  • Additional artwork charges may be incurred if graphics fail to meet these requirements.
  • You may use ZIP or STUFFIT compression for multiple files (Mac or PC).
  • Large files over 30MB should be sent via an FTP site such as Dropbox, Hightail, WeTransfer, etc. to upload your file and email us the link.
  • Send artwork early to avoid production delay.

Accepted Artwork Applications and Requirements

Adobe Illustrator CS6 (AI, EPS, PDF, SVG) – MUST convert all fonts to outline. Artwork should be supplied in vector format. All RASTER objects in artwork must be appropriate resolution. If not, it may require artwork changes and additional charges.

Adobe Photoshop CS6 (PSD, PSB, TIF, JPG) – MUST rasterize your fonts and save files as .psd (if you have layers or need transparency). Image resolution should be 150 dpi at 100% actual size artwork is to be printed or 300 dpi at 50% the actual printed size.

Please send artwork and related messages to:

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